Tuesday, 6 March 2012

No Boyfriend and Scooter Trouble

My 'How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days' book arrived, and of course I'm not going to heed its instructions to the letter ... but I think it will be quite useful in helping me to be more organized and focused in my book-writing method (my current method is to nothing at all except think about writing a book).

And now for today's gossip: My Young Girl (aged 11) was "asked out" by someone in her class - via the boy's eager mate who delivered the message - and she said no. But I think she was rather pleased to have been asked. That was a first!

Also today my Little Boy (aged 10) was called into the Head Teacher's office with 2 other boys and told off, which was a wrenching trauma for him (he cried) as he's usually such a good sweet boy. Apparently these other two boys - the big dumb louts - had been teasing him about his new scooter, so he stuck his middle finger up at them and scooted off. They stuck their fingers up back at him, somebody saw, told the Head Teacher, and next thing you know they were all being firmly scolded for making in foul gestures whilst in school uniform.

I was secretly quite proud of him for standing up for himself, but I couldn't really say that what he did was right. But what I want to know is: What's the Head Teacher going to do about the stupid teasing, pushing and football-fouling my Little Boy has to put up with from these big dumb louts? He's been putting up with it for ages and asking me not to make a fuss - he can "handle it", apparently - but I think the time has come for me to get involved.


  1. Sounds like my book writing!

    I'd definitely have a word with the head, bullying is such a worry.

    Thanks for visiting mine

  2. That book sounds really good. I think I'll order it too. And I definitely think you should talk to the head. Children never want us to make a fuss but sometimes you just have to.

  3. Good luck with the book. And the headmaster...

  4. I would definitely have intervened with the head who reprimanded your boy. He needs to know what is going on. I say good for him that he stuck up for himself, school uniform or not!
    Good that your daughter didn't get drawn into dating just because its the done thing.
    They both sound as though they have principles. (Sure you had something to do with that!)

    Thanks for pointing out that we *know * each other from a different blog! We go back a long way, don't we! I'd never have guessed!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Good luck with the book! I've been saying I'll write one for years but life just gets in the way. Gosh I'm dreading school for my 2 and they are only 2 and 4 LOL God help the poor boy that decides to ask my daughter out as he'll have a big brother and her dad to answer too. Well done to your boy for sticking up for himself! I'd definitely let him know how proud you are of him even if his method of doing so was, well, different LOL. I hope you get things sorted with the Head though as it doesn't seem fair that he's getting into trouble for standing up to a bunch of bullies!

  6. It's hard isn't it, but sometimes there does come a time when we have intervene, preferably without our kids knowing we have. Sounds to me like your boy can handle himself anyway.

    CJ x

  7. Thanks for all your comments - it makes me so happy to get comments!!! I did go and speak to the teacher who said that she will keep a close eye on things. Little Boy can handle himself pretty well, and he's having to learn when to (a) ignore pests, (b) tell the teacher and (c) stick up your middle finger and scoot off. And frankly, knowing when to do what is not a bad lesson in life.

  8. Oh your poor little man. I'd definitely talk to someone at the school. If you ask them to handle it discretely then hopefully it won't undermine him. Last year E had some issues with a girl at school and we ended up chatting to the head and he handled it really well. Hope it gets sorted.

    And omg how cute and nice for your 11-year-old. Mine is very much not into boys yet but I think she'd be equally chuffed if she was asked out. :D

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